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LAN ISA card NET-300

LAN ISA card NET-300

Nixie ZM1332 Siemens

Vintage - nixie ZM1332 Siemens

Photo Multiplier Tube - SET

Set Photo Multiplier Tube

Nixie HP 5340A Microwave Freq. Counter

Hp 5340A Microwave Frequency Counter

Prototype Tesla Numitron 11TU7

Prototype of Tesla Numitron 11TU7

Aircraft DC/AC 3-phase rotary converter

Aircraft DC/AC 3phase rotary converter

RAM MSC23236B 70BS24A

RAM MSC23236B 70BS24A

Vintage - SCHLUMBERGER 1240 Nixie Tube Multimeter

Vintage - SCHLUMBERGER 1240 Multimeter with Nixie Tube